Jammin' in Shenzhen

Can we play together?
June 2018, I was chilling in Shenzhen, he was practicing in his shop I entered and asked him to join... And that's it!

L0uis for the Sleeping Giant

Djembesolo Trio in action
This is our first video production. Recorded and Shot in Ireland/Dingle in front of the Sleeping Giant island. Inspiring!


Another Kind Of "Come Back To Africa"
I explained Zourakie Dembele I wanted to teach one of my rhythms to his team. He agreed.

4/4 Backing Track

Binary Groove requested
Someone on Youtube asked for the backing track of this video but unfortunately I had to I realize I lost the audio files of this project. I found another binary groove you can use to practice your embellishments technique or whatever. The beginning is a little harsh but if you have Quicktime on your computer it will allow you to copy/paste like a loop and make the track as long as you need. Enjoy.

Get it here


Full Blue In The Sky

My 2016 Summer Workshop took place in Ardèche surrounded by nature. Some places were really inspiring and I had to capture some "Ardèche" improvisations on video. The djembe I played here is "Made in France" by Georges BUGNON.

A Precious Compliment

From time to time an angel crosses your life.
Alzbeta came to me and said: "I wanted to say I really enjoyed your performance and found it very interesting". As it was written on her tee-shirt: "Always BELIEVE that something WONDERFUL is about to HAPPEN".