DJEMBESOLO - Binary, ternary and more

My djembesolo project is growing. I just launched the second course a couple of weeks ago and the feedback is excellent. Check the above video for a free preview. You can enroll here !

DJEMBESOLO - Online Course

Twenty years ago I wrote a (big) book about the djembe. But I was half convinced it was the support I wanted. At least not alone. Then I thought about making DVDs. It seemed to be better, but again I didn’t believe enough in it to pursue. And now here am I in 2019, completely enjoying the technology we can use nowadays. I just launched a new website focused on my teaching today.
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Skype Lessons

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I have been asked to give lessons on Skype for some time but I was skeptical at first. Then I used it while working on the Samuel l Jackson challenge to communicate with some musicians and I found it very convenient. So I picked a platform to handle bookings and payments, then organized a dedicated audio/video system and finally launched the service this last January (2019). I really enjoy it and the student feedback is excellent.
What they say
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For all of us who have an urgent question to solve, I cannot think of a more experienced teacher than him.
Lloyd Blum
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Highly precise and very helpful. I highly recommend to anyone!

Yann Sticker
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Lilian Cui
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Top teacher in my living room with just a few clicks - Brilliant!
Martin Schärer
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C'est tout bon!!!! Allez-y vous ne le regretterez pas. Michel Weelen

Samuel L Jackson Challenge

I thought: "Here I can do something".
Then I talked with some friends, to my son, to people I never met... et voilà.
Featuring: Solveig Rakout, Lucian Nagy, Papis Fofana, Sylvain Leroux, Nelson Ewande & Rodéric Mégé.

Just Like That

He was practicing
I came in and said "Hello, can we play?"

Prague November 2016

Gentle and Creative
People generally think I am not interested in teaching to beginners. In fact I enjoy very much starting from there. Nothing to rebuild, enthusiasm, freshness... The Prague beginner sessions were especially enjoyable, we were able to be creative while learning. Thumbs up!

Leon HOU - Dunun Player from Shenzhen

Before 2008 I played drums and ended up being part of a punk band. In March 2008 our singer took me to a park. Some people were playing djembe there. I liked it very much and, at the beginning, we just organized drum circles then later, we started to play traditional Mandingo music.
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