Sport & Music

Mike TYSON and adoptive father Cus D'AMATO
Being convinced that sport and music are opposite forms because of the downsides of sport business or because of the the winner/loser perspective which is not the goal in music and leads to harsh win/lose conclusions, in boxing for example, can take away any chance of enjoying the beauty and inspiration you can get from the enlightened side of sport: Armless gestures, like Cristiano RONALDO performing controls and crazy dribbles and why not Mike TYSON demonstrating the perfect punch in the following videos.
Some of us feel very uncomfortable with this association.
In my personal experience this common ground was first obvious in practice. I played the violin when I was a kid and working on the feeling of the down-bow was very similar to feel the weight of the ball on my feet when performing controls. Analogies about practice routines are generally well accepted. It becomes more delicate when it goes beyond this aspect.
Playing and interacting with other musicians needs trained-educated-developed feelings on top of technique and strategy. The same are required for a footballer to keep the ball when facing a trained opponents or a boxer to dodge several opponent's attacks with head and body movements until he feels the perfect moment to fight back. Stay open minded and check the next video.
Anytime I face something difficult in my personal musician practice, I just have to think about the famous sentence from Cus D'AMATO - Mike TYSON's mentor - to know if I am really ready to do what is needed to master it or not:
Discipline is practicing something you don't like until you like it.
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