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I have been asked to give lessons on Skype for some time but I was skeptical at first. Then I used it while working on the Samuel l Jackson challenge to communicate with some musicians and I found it very convenient. So I picked a platform to handle bookings and payments, then organized a dedicated audio/video system and finally launched the service this last January (2019). I really enjoy it and the student feedback is excellent.
What they say
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For all of us who have an urgent question to solve, I cannot think of a more experienced teacher than him.
Lloyd Blum
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Highly precise and very helpful. I highly recommend to anyone!

Yann Sticker
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Lilian Cui
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Top teacher in my living room with just a few clicks - Brilliant!
Martin Schärer
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C'est tout bon!!!! Allez-y vous ne le regretterez pas. Michel Weelen
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