DJEMBESOLO - Online Course

Wow ! Twenty years ago I wrote a (big) book about the djembe. But I was half convinced it was the support I wanted. At least not alone. Then I thought about making DVDs. It seemed to be better, but again I didn’t believe enough in it to pursue.

And now here am I in 2019, completely enjoying the technology we can use nowadays. I just launched a new website focused on my teaching today.

Here you will find video courses you can buy to improve your sound, your technique, your improvisation skills. First thing first I began with sounds. All of them. The basic, the advanced and the fancy ones. Please check it out, this is the first opus of a project I intend to work on for un unlimited time.

Launch price for this program containing 17 lessons is €99 €69 with promo code : « LAUNCH30 » ! Enroll now !
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