Liquid Playing

What is liquid playing?
It’s when you take different rhythmic and tone options rather than obediently reproducing the basic pattern.

Give different colors and resonances to those tonics, slaps and basses.
Experiment how level changes affect the general groove.
Take some risk with rests.
Mute basses or replace some of them with slaps.
When can we play liquid?
In accompanying situations, basic djembe patterns are expected to be played with a steady groove. I call this "solid" grooves. In other situations - intro, long rests from the soloist, solo situation - playing "liquid" is a better choice.
You have to experiment by yourself.
This means "with your own ideas" because reproducing examples tend to format to play obediently. That said here are some examples that will put you on the way of liquid playing. When you feel confident with examples, create your own, forget them, create others. Train yourself to blend patterns with elegance, avoid LEGO style playing! Making a groove evolve should not make anybody sound like a child singing the multiplication tables.




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