What I Learnt From Fode Youla

Not only was Fode Youla the first djembe player I heard, he taught me some essential concepts

Samuel L Jackson Challenge

I thought: "Here I can do something".
Then I talked with some friends, to my son, to people I never met... et voilà.
Featuring: Solveig Rakout, Lucian Nagy, Papis Fofana, Sylvain Leroux, Nelson Ewande & Rodéric Mégé.

4/4 Backing Track

Binary Groove requested
Someone on Youtube asked for the backing track of this video but unfortunately I had to I realize I lost the audio files of this project. I found another binary groove you can use to practice your embellishments technique or whatever. The beginning is a little harsh but if you have Quicktime on your computer it will allow you to copy/paste like a loop and make the track as long as you need. Enjoy.

Get it here


Prague November 2016

Gentle and Creative
People generally think I am not interested in teaching to beginners. In fact I enjoy very much starting from there. Nothing to rebuild, enthusiasm, freshness... The Prague beginner sessions were especially enjoyable, we were able to be creative while learning. Thumbs up!

Sport & Music

Mike TYSON and adoptive father Cus D'AMATO
Some of us feel very uncomfortable with this association.
In my personal experience this common ground was first obvious in practice. I played the violin when I was a kid and working on the feeling of the down-bow was very similar to feel the weight of the ball on my feet when performing controls. Analogies about practice routines are generally well accepted. It becomes more delicate when it goes beyond this aspect.
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