Kakilambe Intro Explained

The unexpected tutorial
I was intending to summarize some concepts and instructions at the end of a workshop but after while I realized I had laid down a pretty decent tutorial. So here its is for everybody.

4/4 Backing Track

Binary Groove requested
Someone on Youtube asked for the backing track of this video but unfortunately I had to I realize I lost the audio files of this project. I found another binary groove you can use to practice your embellishments technique or whatever. The beginning is a little harsh but if you have Quicktime on your computer it will allow you to copy/paste like a loop and make the track as long as you need. Enjoy.

Get it here


A Djembe Made By Georges Bugnon

I am working on a design and tension system resulting of my experience with the instrument. This one is the first prototype. I played solo for a few seconds, liked it and then added some backing tracks here and there.