These tutorials are pdf files with notation and text. Click on a title then request for the file by clicking the I want it ! button.
Free Tutorials
Bass Djembe Solo
Sometimes less is more.
Dunumba Arrangement
I made this two decades ago... I didn't change it much since then. Use it as intro and outro.
Dunumba Kenkeni
How to play Dunumba kenkeni without acting as a penguin marking beats.
Easy Kakilambe
Some grooves are easy to play because their individual parts just blend nicely already without the use of advanced skills. I arranged EASY KAKILAMBE for three djembes with this option in mind.
Improving Your Inspiration
Another point of view…
Liquid Playing
In accompanying situations, basic djembe patterns are expected to be played with a steady groove. I call this "solid" playing. In other situations - intro, long rests from the soloist, solo situation - playing "liquid" is a better choice.
More About My Bell Technique
In this tutorial I explain the different kind of rebounds I use with my technique. Pretty simple, but it needs practice and time.
Pattern Embellishment
"Old school" embellishment techniques.
Playing On Beats
In some situations masters and beginners play the same patterns.
Playing Together
Playing without thirty minutes warm-up and discussion requires an appropriate attitude.