If you want to improve your sound, your technique and your improvisation skills, visit djembesolo.com or click on the programs listed below.
The Skype lessons service provides an unique opportunity to take private lessons with Louis Cesar Ewande, no matter where you live.
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I teach in English & French.
J’enseigne en anglais et en français.
Any levels are welcome from the moment you are enthusiast and want to improve your creativity through the djembe.

Here are the topics we can work on:
• Sounds
• Rhythms
• Counter rhythms
• Phrasing
• Signals
• Solo patterns
• Chauffé
• Velocity
• Embellishments
• Improvisation strategies
• Replicating solos
• Reading/writing rhythms
Tous les niveaux sont bienvenus, tout repose sur votre enthousiasme à développer votre créativité au djembé.

Voici les thèmes que nous pouvons aborder ensemble.
• Les sons
• Les rythmes
• Les contre-rythmes
• Le phrasé
• Les signaux
• Les motifs de solo
• Les chauffés
• La vélocité
• Les embellissements
• Les stratégies d’improvisation
• Reproduire des solos
• Lire et écrire les rythmes
You can take single lessons or Packs of 4 lessons at a reduced price. Lessons last 30, 60 or 90 mn.
Groups from 2 to 5 students can take 90 mn
Multi lessons at a reduced price for each participants. One student has to book for the entire group.

Lessons and Multi lessons are generally focused on one topic chosen by you.

Packs of 4 lessons can focus on one to three topics (depending on the chosen pack) with a goal established during the first lesson which should be reached at the end of the pack.
Vous pouvez prendre des cours isolés ou des forfaits de 4 cours à un prix moindre. Les cours durent 30 minutes, une heure ou une heure et demie.
Les groupes de 2 à 5 personnes peuvent choisir l’option
Multi avec laquelle le prix du cours est moindre pour chaque participant. Un élève doit accomplir seul la réservation.

cours à l’unité sont généralement centrées sur un thème.

Les forfaits de 4 cours peuvent aborder un, deux ou trois thèmes (tout dépend du forfait choisi) avec un objectif établi lors de la première leçon qui doit être atteint à la dernière.
djembesolo Skype lessons are powered with Skype video certified hardware. Sony and AKG microphones are used for audio through a Zoom H6 recorder.

Check all your internet, video and audio settings before your class to be sure everything works as expected.

Payments are handled by Stripe.
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Les cours djembesolo sur Skype sont transmis avec du materiel certifié par Skype. La prise de son est faite avec des microphones Sony et AKG branchés dans un Zoom H6.

Vérifiez votre connection internet, les réglages audio et video avant votre cours afin de vous assurer que tout fonctionne normalement.

Les paiements se font par Stripe.
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30 minutes

1 student


€ 40

90 minutes

1 student


€ 80

60 minutes

1 student


€ 60


90 minutes


Up to 5 students in the same room

€ 120

PACKS (4 Lessons)

4x30 minutes


€ 160

€ 120

4x90 minutes


€ 320

€ 220

4x60 minutes


€ 240

€ 180

Terms & Conditions
Payment is for the time slot, not for the effective duration of the lesson.
To get the Pack price on your lessons you have to buy 4 of them the same day.
Packs must be used within a 12 week period (usually one lesson a week).
A lesson can be refunded on request if it was cancelled by Louis Cesar Ewande and both parts can't reschedule it during the next 30 following days.
If the 4 time booking process of a pack is not completed on the same day, the booked lesson(s) will be cancelled and refunded
Apart the two situations listed above, booked lessons are not refundable.
A lesson can be rescheduled if cancelled by student at least 24 hours before. Otherwise the lesson will be lost and not refundable.
In case of a technical problem, booked lessons will be rescheduled until it’s solved.
How to book lessons
SINGLE lessons
1 - Click the appropriate tarification button (STARTER, STANDARD, ULTIMATE or MULTI).
2 - Choose any available time slot.
3 - Book your lesson by filling the
Stripe payment form.
PACKS - 4 Lessons
1 - Click the appropriate tarification button (STARTER pack, STANDARD pack, or ULTIMATE pack.
2 - Choose any available time slot.
3 - Book your lessons by filling the Stripe payment form.
Book the 4 lessons at Pack Price on the same day otherwise the booking will be cancelled and refunded.
What they say
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Hey folks, I also tried it out, although at first the idea to sit there on my own in front of a computer seemed a little crazy to me. Learning from Louis Cesar through Skype is definitively an innovative idea, however. Now, all of us can reach him... No matter whether we live off the beaten path (the other side of the globe)... Or whether we simply cannot afford to travel to Workshops in Zurich and so on. Obviously, the experience is not the same as shaking his hand in person or seeing him play live. But for all of us who have an urgent question to solve, I cannot think of a more experienced teacher than him. What a cool idea! Keep it up, Louis Cesar. You are a star.
Lloyd Blum
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When I watched the Kakilambe Intro "Nice and Easy" on Youtube, I was at the same time fascinated and puzzled. So I booked a Skype lesson with Louis Cesar Ewande to ask for the ‚secret'… Louis not only explained how the Solo ‚works', but also he showed different strategies to learn to play with a similar logic. Even though the connection in my repetition room wasn't very stable, Louis' comments on my playing were - like in analog settings - highly precise and very helpful. I highly recommend to anyone!

Yann Sticker
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Lilian Cui
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I had my first Skype lesson with Louis Cesar Ewande today. The set up is top! LCE took care of every little detail. Sound is great and in sync, the visual is very nice. He uses 2 cameras which makes it very personal and gives a very clear view of his movements and hands. Top teacher in my living room with just a few clicks - Brilliant!
Martin Schärer
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Que Louis ait des choses à transmette c'est indubitable, la question c'est: "Est ce faisable par Skype?" J’étais curieux alors j'ai pris rdv facilement, mail de confirmation, alarme une heure avant pour rappel... A l'heure et au jour dit nous voilà assis chez nous face à face pour 30' de cours... Louis voit et entend ce qu'on fait, son œil et son oreille font le reste et il peut donner ses corrections et ou ses indications très efficacement. J'en ressors avec le sentiment d'avoir reçu des réponses précises à ma question ..... C'est tout bon!!!! Allez-y vous ne le regretterez pas. Michel Weelen